K4K vision is to ensure that every school aged inner city youth has adequate footwear in order to boost self-confidence. We see a world where inner city youth are thriving, happy, have high self-confidence, and lead a successful life.

Our Mission

Treatment with Clomid tablets was successful, and as a result, my daughter is already three years old. I was 25, when, after a check-up, I found out that I had polycystic ovaries, the doctor prescribed me treatment with Clomid once a day for five days. Initially, nothing worked, but when I have given a dose of Clomid up to two tablets a day, the result did not take long. But there were side effects, such as irritability, and a constant desire to go to the toilet.

The mission of Kicks 4 Kids is to alleviate one of the most burdensome social pressures for inner city youth — lack of adequate footwear — which often leads to bullying. With support from community stakeholders, K4K boosts self confidence of inner city youth while providing one of the most basic needs.

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