A group of medical experts from canadian reliable pharmacy has identified types of people who tend to have casual sexual relations using Kamagra tablets and are more active than others in sexual terms. According to research published on the scientific portal EurekAlert, a short and wide face is one of the signs of a person who is most likely to be wrong. It is noted that psychologists conducted two studies.

For the first, they interviewed more than 100 students who had a romantic relationship. Volunteers described their behavior in communication with other people and sexual life. Then the scientists checked the questionnaires of students and their photos, fixing the parameters of the faces. The second study was an extended version of the first, involving more than 300 volunteers, interviewing psychologists who recorded some level of infidelity in their relationship.

Thus, the experts were able to establish a link between the proportions of the face and sexual behavior, which is allegedly caused by the level of testosterone during puberty. That is, facial parameters can be an indicator of the sexual activity of both men and women. Studies have shown that people with square and wide faces may be unfaithful to their partners.