Kicks 4 Kids Foundation Board

CheKeita Jones Founder/President

CheKeita Jones, founder of Kicks 4 Kids Foundation, has been an educator in the metro Detroit area public school systems for the past 11 years. Although she grew up in Pontiac, MI she never attended the public school system. Working in the inner city has truly provided eye opening experiences throughout the years. CheKeita graduated from Notre Dame Preparatory High School and began her collegiate career at Michigan State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain Management. After completing her undergraduate studies, CheKeita began substitute teaching for the Pontiac School District. This is when she realized her passion for educating young minds. Quickly she noticed that educating students in the urban community was more than pencils and books. Low socioeconomic communities, minimal resources, and cash strapped districts have left many students hopeless. The combination of these deficits, and many others, hinder a child’s educational experience.

CheKeita decided to make an impact in the communities she serves. After receiving her bachelors, she began graduate school at Marygrove College in pursuit of a Masters in Education and teaching certificate. She participated and led several programs throughout her teaching career. However, she found her true love in the spring of 2011. CheKeita noticed that many of her students did not have a decent pair of shoes. Sneakers are a major part of today’s pop culture. CheKeita believes that getting sneakers for students can connect people from many walks of life simply by giving. Thus, Kicks 4 Kids was born! CheKeita’s vision was and remains providing children with footwear they are proud of. One of CheKeita’s favorite quotes is “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Sangeya Wiggins Secretary

Sangeya Wiggins, a native of Flint, MI, is a wife and mother of two and she’s is an active citizen in her community. She holds a BA in Communication from Oakland University, a MSA in Public Administration from Central Michigan University, and is currently working on obtaining certificate in Human Resource Development. She has been employed with TD Auto Finance in Farmington Hills for the past 15 years where she currently works as a Sales Support Specialist.

Sangeya is involved in many community service foundations and organizations such as The Crosshairs Foundation, Delta Fortitude Foundation, Brighter Day Community Development, as well as Kicks 4 Kids Foundation where she serves as Secretary. She is concerned with the welfare of our society as a whole and enjoys putting smiles on the faces of individuals in need. One of her favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” She believes by being on the Board of Directors of Kicks 4 Kids, she can make a difference in a young person’s life and help build their confidence for them to be all they can be. The children are our future

Sakennia Coit Treasurer

Sakennia Coit , is a devoted wife and mother of 2 girls , and a 4th grade Math Teacher in her hometown Pontiac, Michigan. Coit holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development from Oakland University and a Masters of Education from Marygrove College. She has worked as a dedicated teacher in both elementary and middle school since 2007. Being a young woman from the impoverished streets of Pontiac, she understands the urgency and commitment it takes to educate and shape the lives of young people. She has always been involved with the development of our youth by way of tutoring, mentoring, teaching, and taking an active roll in her children’s extra-curricular activities. Coit has worked with Kicks 4 Kids Foundation since its inception working at whatever capacity that is needed. Coit is now a member of The Board of Directors where she serves as Treasurer. She believes in K4K’s vision and hopes to help build the confidence of our youth, one sneaker at a time.